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Dryer Camera Rig

This rig was used to create this shot for the music video, "cuz i've fallen in love", by Andy Yu. Here are links to all of the parts used to create this rig. You can also use this on carts and with some problem solving you could use it to mount on to other surfaces.


Originally I used a mafer clamp to clamp to the middle of the 20 inch stand arm, but I found that a grip head works much better.

You need (You don't have to use these links, any brand works!) :


  2. 3 X Grip Head:

  3. 1 X 20 inch c-stand arm:

  4. 3 X baby pins (one needs 1/4 20 tripod screw):

This rig created these shots (link to reels):

Dryer shot

Cart spinning in a circle shot

Please make sure you secure you're equipment and camera! Do tests, and make sure it is safe. Safety is the number 1 priority on any set! I am not responsible for any damages! If you have any questions, I'll try to help to the best of my ability, just comment below!

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