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Madlight Films

About Us

We a trio of roommates who graduated from the University of North Texas with a dream to create and tell stories through filmmaking. Us, the 2 twin brothers Robby and Solomon Cisneros partnering with our bestfriend Harry Smith.

Solomon worked at MLD Equipment Rental in Dallas as the warehouse manager. He worked with clients to provide lighting, grip, camera, and audio equipment solutions for their video and film needs. In between he would freelance as a camera op. 

Harry has a love for scriptwriting, working on shortfilms and projects. Most recently writing a short for the Rode Reels Rode Contest named, "Stuck in Noir." He also records sound and foley for videos. 

Robby worked as a cinematographer for AUME Motion Arts. He shot a variety of projects; From weddings to NFL players, HEB ISD to Sceven Customs in California and more. He has a creative mind and a work ethic to execute his vision.

Jacob has continually worked with us on many projects as both an actor and a writer! He has a knack for bringing a character to life.


The Team

The People of Madlight Films

Harrison Smith

Writer and Director

Solomon Cisneros

Director of Photography and Producer

Robby Cisneros

Director of Photography and Producer

Jacob A. Williams


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